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A mysterious murder sparks a dangerous chain of long-buried revelations in The Last Good Death by Jake Varanger. This novel is a spiraling, unpredictable thriller of family secrets and blood feuds, coupled with bursts of gangland violence and forbidden romance. The multi-generational storytelling style paints a comprehensive picture of Nick's family, and adds historical weight to this riveting tale … Varanger has delivered an ever-deepening mystery that is hard to stop reading.
★★★★ / Self Publishing Review


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Narco Knights is a brilliant, action-packed, gripping story that leaves you in suspense…Varanger manages to develop a fast-paced and exciting plot while balancing it with compelling and engaging characters. This story demands your attention and there is a little something for every reader’s taste here. Whether they’re looking for horror, adventure, suspense, comedy, or romance, Narco Knights ticks every box for the contemporary reader, being both gruesome and brilliant. 5/5 Stars - Readers' Favorite.

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Ivan, by Jake Varanger, is a wonderfully written thriller with a cleverly woven plotline that will leave you on the edge of your seat. While the events, places, and emotions of the well-developed characters were vividly described, the narration is also steady, which adds to the overall appeal of the book while also making it entertaining. The twists and turns kept me intrigued to find out how the events would unfold and I cannot wait to read something else by this talented author.5/5 Stars / Readers’ Favorite Reviews